ICLEI European Convention 2011 - Cities in Europe 2020 - Enhance sustainability now

 ICLEI European  Convention 

12-14 September 2011 
Brussels, Belgium 


14 September 2011 - ICLEI members call for support and recognition in moving towards sustainable Europe

Gino Van BeginCities and towns across Europe have united to release the ICLEI European Convention Declaration, responding to the Europe 2020 Strategy and calling for greater support and recognition of their contribution to creating an economically smart, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable Europe.

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ICLEI Convention a great success!

The ICLEI European Convention 2011 "Cities in Europe 2020 - Enhance sustainability now!" acted as a forum to discuss the implementation of Europe-wide sustainability measures in cities focusing on the Europe 2020 Strategy and its seven flagship initiatives.

From 12-14 September 2011, over 300 participants from representatives of the business community to ICLEI members and other local government decision makers gathered to engage in high level discussion, share knowledge and gain insight views from experts and pioneer cities innovative solutions.

The three-day programme featured a preliminary review of European local sustainability achievements and the key next steps needed to move Europe and its cities forward in light of the UN Rio + 20 Conference in 2012.


A message of thanks

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability would like to extend special thanks to the many organisations that made the Convention such a success:

The Convention supporters: Brussels Capital Region, Hamburg European Green Capital 2011 and the Metropolitan Council of Dunkerque.

The hosts of the parallel sessions: Office of Aalborg - North-Denmark EU Office, TURKU - Southwest Finland European Office, Office of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland, Office of Ile-de-France Europe, the City of Malmö EU Office, Bruxelles Info Place, the Delegation of the Basque Country in Brussels, Representation of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen to the EU and Office of the Region of Lazio.

The host of the Mayors Session: The City of Rotterdam.

The corporate sponsors: Siemens, GDF SUEZ, SUEZ ENVIRONNMENT, Philips and TCO Certified.


ICLEI Member in the spotlight

ICLEI teamed up with member city and European Green Capital 2011 Hamburg, one of the main Convention partners, to follow the route of its Train of Ideas.

The city of Hamburg is the current ICLEI member in the spotlight.