ICLEI European Convention 2011 - Cities in Europe 2020 - Enhance sustainability now

 ICLEI European  Convention 

12-14 September 2011 
Brussels, Belgium 

Hamburg European Green Capital 2011

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany and the economical and cultural centre of Northern Germany, has won the title "European Green Capital 2011".

The “European Green Capital” award is a title given by the European Commission since 2009. It recognizes the vital role that European cities and towns play in creating a more sustainable future. It is awarded to cities that have achieved high environmental standards in all areas, which set ambitious goals for improvement of the environmental situation, and which are role models for other cities. 

Hamburg, in particular, has excelled in three categories: High environmental standards of the city, ambitious environmental and development goals, and potential of the city as a role model and communicator.  It was, for example, able to increase its public transport passenger numbers by almost 100 million between 2003 and 2008, it has set itself the goal to cut carbon emissions by 40% from 1990 to 2020 and now shares its experience and exchanges best-practice examples by sending the “Train of Ideas” on a tour throughout Europe.


Train of Ideas 

The European Green Capital provides a platform for Europe-wide exchange to discuss environmental issues and urban development with experts and citizens.

Hamburg will take European Green Capital to Europe’s tracks with the “Train of Ideas”. The central theme addresses how cities of the future may become sustainable and environmentally friendly with a high quality of life. The exhibition features the Hanseatic city’s excellent best practice projects from the metropolitan region and a whole range of projects from cities all over Europe. The train will begin its journey in April 2011 and will visit 18 cities, including Warsaw, Malmö, Copenhagen, Brussels, Vienna, Barcelona and Marseille.

The Agency “Kunstraum” developed the concept for the Ministry for Urban Development and Environment of Hamburg. The “Train of Ideas“ exhibition will prepare themes surrounding urban development and living, mobility, energy and climate protection, nature and city greenery, resource protection, economy and consumption. The themes were chosen to present a wide range of exciting and informative information, geared towards a broad international audience. The exhibition is designed to organise themes with various perspectives: the personal, local and regional and the global.

For more information on the Train of Ideas please visit: www.train-of-ideas.net/en/home

Hamburg European Green Capital 2011